i want to know the rivers flowing out from himalayas in hindi

Jhelum river, Chenab river, Ravi river, Beas river, Sutlej river, Indus river, Ganga river, Yamuna river, Brahmaputra river, Spiti river.
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ganges,saraswati,yamuna, etc
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There are three major Himalayan rivers such as:

  1. The Ganga,
  2. The Brahmaputra and
  3. The Indus.
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Ravi river,Sutlaj river,Vyas river,Chenab river,Jhelam river,Kabul river(Kubha river),Kapisha river,Ganga river,Yamuna river, Sarayu river,Gandak river,Kosi river ETC.....
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