i would like to get a speech for the post of a house captain where i am talking to students only!

Hey Everybody,

To those of you that don’t know me, I’m _______  and im in ________ And to those of you that do know me, well…I guess Hey!

I’m here today because I’m obviously running for Somerville House captain. I’m up here today because my job is to try and persuade you to vote for me.
Now lets get started. By the middle of this speech, some of you will be listening, and some of you might be mentally playing football! Also, im not going to put up a power point on here or try and comically persuade you, because you will need to know what a real House Captain will be like, and not what someone is like whilst hiding behind a mask
However, right now, you‘ll all be thinking “why should I vote for you!”, and my answer is this:

I want to do this. This school has taught me a lot about myself that I didn’t know before, and I want to give something back. My friends say that I am a very approachable and friendly person, something that is obviously vital for this role! In addition, I am also willing to try my best at everything I do, even if its something that I particularly despise.

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