Identify the correct sequence of alternatives given in column II by matching them with
respective items in Column I: [1]
ColumnI Column II
a) Trade deficit i) Cause of BOP imbalance
b) Merchandise. ii) Export of goods c) Autonomous iii) An element of invisibles
d) Current transfers. iv) Foreign institutional investment
e) Portfolio investment. v) Export and import of goods

Dear Student,
a) Trade deficit  - i) Cause of BOP imbalance (Excess of imports over exports is trade deficit and a problem for BOP)
b) Merchandise. - v) Export and import of goods
 c) Autonomous -  ii) Export of goods (Exports are always autonomous)
d) Current transfers. -iii) An element of invisibles ( Current transfers include both visible and invisible items)
e) Portfolio investment.-  iv) Foreign institutional investments

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