if G is the centroid and I the incentre of the triangle with vertices A(-36,7) ,B(20,7) ,C(0,6) then find the value of GI?

↵We know centroid G of a triangle with vertices (x1, y1), (x2y2) and (x3, y3) is  (x1+x2+x3/3, y1+y2+y3/3) Therefore here co-ordinates of G is (-16/3, 2). If a, b and c are the lengths of opposite sides of vertices (x1, y1), (x2, y2) and (x3, y3) respectively then in-centre will be given by (ax1+bx2+cx3/a+b+c, ay1+by2+cy3/a+b+c). Here a=25, b=39, c=56 and a+b+c = 120. Therefore co-ordinates of I = (-1, 0). So, GI= (sqt of 205)/3.
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How did
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How did you find value of GI directly ??
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How did GI come directly?
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By the way ans is worng
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The answer is correct. GI is found by distanCe formula.
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Here GI means distance between centroid and incentre
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Plz can you tell how this value of a b and C came
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By using the coordinates of G and I and using distance formula , we will get the value of GI
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ya the answer is correct 
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ya answer is right
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If the segments joining the points A (a,b) and B (c,d) subtends an angle thita at the origin prove that cos thita =ac + bd / rootundre (a^2+b^2)(c^2+d^2).
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Ans is correct
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