If the graph of a linear polynomial is a striaght line and the quadratic - parabola, then what would be the graph of a cubic and biquadratic polynomial????

The graphs of a cubic polynomial and biquadratic polynomials do not have any particular names.
In order to draw the graph of the cubic polynomial or a biquadratic polynomial, plots some coordinates (x, y) satisfying the given cubic or the biquadratic polynomial. Then, join all the plotted coordinates with a free hand to obtain a rough graph of the cubic or the biquadratic polynomial.
In order to draw the graph of given cubic or biquadratic polynomial, you need to learn curve sketching which would be taught in higher classes.

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the cubic polynomial has a graph nearly to this


]the Biquadratic(4th degree polynomial)  graph is like this



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and i think they don't have special names

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