if we have a high yeilding tomato plant. then can this desired characteristic be retained by recombinant DNA technology and plant breeding techniques.?

Dear student.

Yes, the desired characteristics can be retained using RDT and plant breeding techniques.

By using recombinant DNA technology, the gene responsible for the high yielding variety of tomato plant can be isolated from the cell by cutting the desirable gene using restriction enzymes, followed by which the desired DNA fragment is ligated into the vector which can be later on transferred to another tomato plant.

Using p
lant breeding, the desired characteristics can also be retained.  In plant breeding, two genetically dissimilar varieties are purposely crossed to produce a new hybrid variety. As a result, characteristics from both parents can be obtained in the hybrid plant variety. Thus, it involves the production of a new variety with the desired characteristics such as resistance to diseases, climatic adaptability, and better productivity.



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