if you were of voting age what a consideration will be opted by you for voting and why

There will be many reasons i will vote for:
The true and concerned representatives who will take a selfless initiative for development.
The curb of the menace of corruption through elected representatives.
Infrastructure development in our area.

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Our Voting age is 18 
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If I was standing for the elections, I'd focus on removing difficulties people face on everyday basis, that also effect the environment. For example, there are so many places in India that are coated in garbage, and everyone says "Arre!! Kitni gandagi hain yaha par!", when in reality they are the ones making this mess. My main focus would be on making india greener and cleaner!
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voter must think that his vote is equally valuable for nations development
he should not vote under pressure or in greedy afterall no one will get to know that whom u r voted for
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