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 imagine if oil supplies get exhausted .how will this affect our life style?

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Guru Prasad Singh , added an answer, on 21/4/15
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 If Oil supply gets exhausted then following can be its consequences---> 


1. Lesser Oil means lesser functioning of machineries which in turn leads to lessening of comfort lifestlye of people.

2. Many persons may become unemployed due to depletion of oil which are the major fuel products in factories.

3. Many moving vehicles which run on liquid fuels of oils will stop working disenabling the person's access to these means of transport.

4.Depletion of Fossil fuels like these oils will lead to extinction of many things which make human life comfortable.

5. Many important factories and industries will go bankrupt.

In Easy words human life will have to face many difficulties.

Hope it helps!!

More reasons could be--->

1.It will affect the world economy as Oil is one of the major source of trade.

2. Many Stock Exchanges will lead to devastation.

Please Note--->  Renewable sources of energy cannot cater all needs such as economic feasibility, easy availability , So Oil fuels will always be superior than others.

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Nikita Gupta , added an answer, on 17/4/11
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Well, do you really think that we'd be as developed as we are now, if there were no oil?
Think of the things, that use oil. All these wont be able to work again. Maybe they might, because we keep on developing with time, for eg: cars... we are developing means to make it run on electricity and bio-fuel. but then, the airplanes cannot run on these things, they need oil. Sure we might adapt to a situation without oil... but it'll take us a while to do us. and by "a while", i mean.. a lot of time! ;)

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Yash Tiwari , added an answer, on 17/4/11
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first the economy of all country will decrease and the transport system is totally stop for everand all the machine will broke due to corrosin ;lack of oils

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Aa Tabani , added an answer, on 19/4/15
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1. No transportation.
2. less trade.
3. less economy.
4.less working of machinery..
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achuth6... , added an answer, on 22/6/11
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thanks for the info>>>>>>>>>>:-)

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