Imagine that Ozymandias comes back to life and as he sees the condition of his statue,realisation dawns on him and he pens his thoughts in a diary. As Ozymandias, make this diary entry in about 150 words. You could begin like this: I thought I was the mightiest of all but...


I thought I was the mightiest of all but I was so mistaken. Now I realize how my power and strength are in vain, and are of no importance in the face of time. I am grief-stricken by the fact that my command is of no good. The power of nature and reality is far stronger than what I thought. It has finally dawned on me that everything on this earth is bound to change, irrespective of any personal traits or choices. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I might have been a great ruler, but it was wrong to have been boastful about it. So, I think, one should be modest and sober about one’s own self…(to be continued)

To etch one's glory in statues or grand palaces is but transitory glory. One should always try to be remembered by one's deeds. An act of kindness, selfless help to others, a life dedicated to those not privileged enough, ensures eternity.

Hope this helps. Best.

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or u people cn do it in ur own way

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