Imagine that you are selected as the cricket team captain. write a diary entry.

Here is a sample for your reference:


3 November, 2011


09:30 hrs


Dear diary,

I have had the most wonderful time of my life in the past few days when our team went to Manila. We were a part of the ICC World Cup Juniors. The experience as the captain of this team is worth all the efforts. I am proud to have such good players in my team who are the best on and off the field. The selection procedure was rigorous but proved to be fantastic. Our boys are from various parts of the country, each the best from every region. The strategies and amity among the team members is what kept us together. We had devised various strategies to win the Cup. (to be continued based on your own discretion.)



Happy to help!

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Team Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dear diary, well of course, you know, I have finished reading the book 101 excuses after a failure. I plan to write a book that will have 1001 excuses. I have to write that book soon, because I have already said Its difficult to come here after every defeat about 5 times now and I think even that is getting old.

I have to call consumer complaints forum and complain about my astrologer. He said picking Ravindra Jadeja would make me a legend as a skipper, wonder how I would explain Rohit Sharma to them?

The weather outside looks pleasant, a good reason to drop Ajinkya Rahane and play Pujara. Well of course you know, I wont say that to Ravi at the toss (Wink Wink).

We lost the practice game of football today. Its great that Duncan lets us play the entire time; sometimes he gives us an entire day free before the game to relax our mind. Wait, but sometimes he even forgets that there is a game tomorrow. Oh let him call me, prank time.

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But should not there be time, date, name at the bottom with signature

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