imagine that you have met a friend who has moved from his/her village to the city and with his/her changed life.write an informal letter to him/her suggesting ways to open up himself/herself and to adjust in a better way to the situation.

I could give some main points.Try writing the letter with these ideas :)
  1. life is sometimes not the way we want but we should try adapting ourselves to every situation
  2. life in village is completely diff from must have had lots of fun playing gillidanda,seven stones but here hardly people play those.they are always tethered to their devices.They flock to social media as children to candy in villages
  3. it is hard to adjust but you will have to.The education here is very good .You can score good marks and this will help you to get into colleges easily.Obviously for college you will have to come here better try adjusting now.
  4. be happy-do your hobbies,play with new friends
  5. any help-call me

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