1. i magne you are gathergold write briefly the inciedent of your return to the valley

Ques: I imagine you are gathergold,write briefly the incident of your return to the valley.

My name is Gather gold. I left the valley of the Great Stone Face fifty years ago. I am now going back home. I wonder will the people of the valley welcome me? Do they know that I am very rich?
About this time there went a rumour throughout the valley that I was to bear a resemblance to the Great Stone Face. It was known by many out there, many years before that I had left the valley and settled at a place. I had set up a shop later and had accumulated wealth.  Now I wish to return to my native valley. I wanted to do something good to the people too, as I had enough money to help them in some way. I am sure people already came to know about the wealth that I have. Thus I wish to come home and work and later end my days where he I was born.

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