In an AC circuit,a solenoid is present. A bulb is connected at the end of the solenoid.

a)what happens when the swicth is on and off ?

b)lf an iron rod is inserted in the solenoid, what happens to the intensity of light?

c)lnstead of AC if DC is used, what happens during cases 'a' and 'b'.

d)which bulb shows more brightness,whether in AC or DC circuit?

a>In an A.c circuit when an inductor is present the bulb  will take some time to turn on and take some time turn off when theswitch is turn on or off
b> when the rod is inserted across the solonoid the intensity of magnetic field increases and hence more flux is linked through it and hence more induced current in the circuit flows.
c>  When the inductor is connected from D.C  source  the resistance is zero across the inductor XL = wL
for d.c  source w =0 hence XL =0 hence there is no effect  whather we insert  iron rod or on , off the switch .
d> as there is no potential difference when solenoid  is connected across D.C source hence no current no brightness
    but in case of A.c the bulb will glow brighter as compared to D.C source .

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