In economics book class 10, pg no.7, in LET'S WORK THESE OUT

Discuss the following situations:

1)Look at the picture on the right. What should be the development goals for such an area?

Pls answer this I can get more idea about it....


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better living place,good clothes to wear and earn enough  2 have proper food 

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give some examples where factors other than income r importent aspects of our lives

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ANSWER- Some measures need to be be taken to clean the surroundings of the people living in slums. Also more space needs to be provided to make houses a little distant. More employment opportunities need to be offered so that people can buy proper food and build nice houses.

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a well developed plan to provide good and well maintain housing is required here
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Can any one answer me for the 2 nd question in page 7 let's work this out??
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Lets work these out ss economics solutions cbse 10
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Please find this answer

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