In MOET surrogate mothers are needed so human mothers gives animal baby how is this possible??

Dear Student

The above information given is incorrect.

MOET is Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology. 

Multiple ovulation embryo transfer or MOET is a technique used in animal breeding to increase the number of progeny. A cow or other female animal is administered with hormones with FSH like activity. As a result, the cow super ovulates i.e. instead of producing one egg produces 6-8 egg per cycle. The cow is then artificially inseminated or mated with a superior quality bull and fertilisation occurs. The subsequently formed embryo are recovered at 8-32 cells stage from the cow by nonsurgical procedures and are implanted in surrogate mothers. As a result, multiple progenies are obtained from a pair of superior animals in a shorter time.  

Human females cannot produce baby of another species.


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