IN MONOCOT AND DICOT the parts of CORTEX...there is no explanation for CORTICAL LAYER..??

In dicot stem cortex is divided in three subzones . The outer region or region below the epidermis is made up of collenchyma cell which is known as hypodermis and it is in few layers . Below hypodermis multilayerd paranchymatous cortex is present. Below the cortex paranchyamatous endodermis is presnt, it is the innermost layer of cortex. It contains starch  grains and therefore it is also konwn as starch sheath.

In monocot stem beneath the haypodermis the ground tissue system is not diffrentiated into cortex, endodermis , pericycle, pith. That region is made up of only paranchyamatous tissue.
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cortical layer--it is the layer present in stem between epidermis and endodermis
In dicot stem-
  1. hypodermis--outermost cortical layer,made up of collenchymatous cells
  2. cortex layer--second layer,made up of parenchyma
  3. endodermis--third and innermost layer,made up of starch sheath and parenchyma
in monocot stem--
  1. beneath the epidermis hypodermis is present
  2. there is not other layers such as cortex
  3. endodermis  is absent
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