In order to reduce the cost, an organization is planning the following:
a) To reduce the charities to the social and religious institution.
b) To arrange skilled workers from outside inspite of semi skilled local employees,
c)To increase the working hours.
d) To increase the rate of remuneration.

Which value will be affected by the decisions ?

a) The values of 'Social responsibility' are being affected here because the company is reducing its charities to social and religious institutions.

b) The values of 'Training and advancement of existing employees' are being affected here as semi-skilled employees can be equipped with skill sets by training them.

c) The value of 'Work-life balance of employees' are being affected here. This is because an increase in the working hours of the employees will have an adverse effect on their work-life balance.

d) An increase in the rate of remuneration of employees will affect the value of 'Motivation' of employees as it is a financial incentive for employees to work harder.
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