In Parliamentary & predidential type of govt which is the best type of govt? & why?

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a. Both Parliamentary and Presidential forms of governments have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
b. to argue which is better is highly debatable and subjective.
c. As both forms of government are democratic in nature and based on peoples' consent , both types are popularly accepted globally depending on the context and historical legacy of the countries.
d. In the Parliamentary form the Prime Minister  is the head of the government and President is the head of the state.President is the ceremonial head or the nominal head, real powers are vested with the Prime Minister and his council of Ministers and is characterise by fusion of powers between the executive and legislature , in this form executive emerges from the legislature and is responsible and accountable to it.
e. However, at times, Parliamentary result in cabinet dictatorships as the majority party tends to dominate and may become authoritarian in nature , further parliamentary also slows the decision making process particularly if it is a coalition government.
f. On the other hand in the Presidential form the President is the head of the government and the state, 
has separate elections take place to elect the legislature and the executive and is characterised by strict separation of power between the legislature and executive
Under this system executive is not responsible to the Legislature. 
g. This system may have its own flaws , for instance if Legislature is dominated by one party and the executive is from another, then it slow the decision making and may lead to lack of consensus.
h. Further, it may also lead to the President who is the single executive to act authoritarian at times without being responsible to the Legislature..

i. Nevertheless, to say which is better is inconclusive as countries may opt for either of them, depending on host of factors.



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