In semi-technical terms describe the family Liliaceae with help of floral formula and diagram.

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The general vegetative characters of the family Liliaceae include:
1) They have perennial herbs
2) Possess contractile roots.
3) Stems are bulbous while some contain rhizomatous.
4) Leaves are basal and cauline, spiral or whorled with sheath, simple and have parallel venation.
5) Inflorescence is terminal raceme, solitary flower.
6) The flowers are bisexual, actinomorphic or zygomorphic, pedicellate, bracteate or not, hypogynous.
7) Fruits - loculicidal capsule.
8) Seeds are flat and discoid or ellipsoid, the endosperm with aleurone and fatty oils, but no starch. 

Ex - Lilium (Lily) and (Tulip) Tulipa

Reproductive features 
Inflorescence is cymose.
Flower is  bisexual and actinomorphic.
Perianth:  six petals (3+3), often united into tube with valvate aestivation.
Androecium includes stamen six, 3+3, epitepalous. Gynoeciumis majorly tricarpellary, syncarpous, ovary superior, trilocular with many ovules with axile placentation.  Fruit is of capsule type.

Seed: endospermous.
Floral Formula − Liliaceae

Floral diagram


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