in the book it is clearly said crr and SLR r not the components of lrr then why a expert answered the same that SLR and crr r the components of lrr

Pratik, you are right. SLR and CRR cannot be considered as components of LRR. Rather, they are variants of LRR.  But, when you are asked about 'Components of LRR" in the examination, you have to mention CRR and SLR only as LRR has no pre-defined components. 

In 2012 delhi examination, a question on 'Components of LRR' was asked. In that question, variants of LRR were required to be mentioned by the students i.e CRR and SLR. From there onwards, we refer to CRR and SLR as components of LRR in our answers. However, you can write a footnote in such questions mentioning that CRR and SLR are actually the variants of LRR and not the components.

You can follow the given link and scroll down to Q-28 to view the above mentioned question.!!

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