in the chapter"a house is not a home".
what challenges of being a teenager and the problems of growing up are reflected through the story?

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This story reflects the challenges of being a teenager and the problems of growing up. In teenagers life sometimes such changes take place that their life becomes intolerable for them and sometimes teenagers want to end this life. But again they find the things change which makes them enjoy life fully. In this story, the same things happen with the author. He finds himself in such an awkward situation when he joins a high school. After some days his house catches fire and he finds that his life has ended. But when his schoolmates show their concern for him, his whole vision for the life changes and he again starts taking interest in life.


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Zan is a teenager who is struggling with the changes in his life. He feels awkward, strange, isolated and embarrassed like any other teenager. Little matters gain massive proportion for him. However, he is very alert as he notices the fire as soon as it begins and he rushes out to call the firefighters.

He is also very attached to his mother. He tries to follow her when she goes back into the burning house to recover his father?s photos and letters. He knows that his action is illogical but he loves her too much to worry even about his own safety. He runs over and hugs her when the fireman rescues her. The thought of losing her blurs the times when he hated her or argued with her. He obeys her even when he finds it difficult. He goes to school the next day after the fire Just because his mother asks him to. He feels weird in Sunday church clothes and borrowed tennis shoes but does not throw any tantrums for not going to school.

?Zan?s insecurities and embarrassment are also like those of any teenager who is conscious about appearance. However, he is a sensitive boy who keeps hoping to find his cat even in the rubble of his house.

Zan is a little reluctant in taking the initiative but is otherwise a friendly boy. He welcomes the hand of friendship extended to him and happily accepts new friends He has values of gratitude and thankfulness for the little gifts bestowed upon by God. Overall, Zan is like an adorable teenager who needs a little love and concern to get back his smile.
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