In the following passage there is a one error in each line

In the following passage there is a one error in each line on 'he city must log - infotech boom ASSIGNMENT '0.3B •n the passages the'* is one error in each line. Underline the incorrect correct word in the provided. one is done you. . Government bodies more than 90% of primary schools perfornnng and most Of Went are irNitutions. This is the main reason that aner completing five Jeanet- education, students from these remain much belc-- a expected level of literacy and numeracy This add millions of virtual illiterates into our population every year. (b) (0 (g) 2. Television a wonderful gift of Science that combines the of radio and cinema. (a) Cable T. V. _basynade it possible to visualise variery of programmes by switch channels. It caters of the taste of everyone. Jt provide instant news fmm the farther corners of the earth. T. V can be used effectively in education programme, health, hygiene. etc. It is a powerful medium to fgttning public opinion. (e) (0 (h) 3. Some new Science v ud_anggmgnt, although useful, may have unpleasant sides effects. _ It is nor always easy For what the side effecl would be. It was dynamite that help forge the way for railways and built dams. (d) It can also harm human beings if not use judiciously. A double-edged sword on good and evil had hung over technology from a beginning. 4. The monsoon state is a curse as well as a disaster. The dying toll B2-68 (0 (g) (h) (a) advancements in Assignments in English Language

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a) nation's
c) years
d) schools
e) the ( in place of 'a' )
f) skills
g) illiterate
h) to

2 -
a) advantage
b) had
c) the ; switching
d) with
e) any ; corner
f) for ( in place of 'in' )
g) form

3 -
a) side
b) to
c) effects
g) of
h) the

4 -

a) the
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