In the poem ' fire and ice ' , how will the world end twice ?

will it end by

1) ice and by ice again or

2) fire and then by ice ??

please clarify my doubt ?

In the poem "Fire and Ice", Robert Frost brings out the similarity between two dichotomous elements - fire and ice. According to him the Earth will be destroyed by fire, which represents human greed or lust. However, the poet contemplates that the Earth can also be destroyed by ice, which represents hatred. Irrespective, of the particular method of destruction, the end result remains unchanged. Thus, the term 'twice' here represents either method of destruction of the Earth. The Earth can be destroyed by either fire or by ice. This notion developed by Frost can be contributed to the commonly held scientific ideas of his time that the Earth will either turn into a ball of fire or recede into space and freeze. 

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