In what ways do you think that the life of a raja was different  from that of a dasa or dasi

A raja had the control of the kingdom. His decision was the final. But a dasa or dasi was not even allowed to make a suggestion. He/She was supposed to follow the order of kings and ministers.
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1. `they live a comfortable life.
2. they gave the orders .
3. they can performs religion sacrifies.


they led a miscrable life .
they obeyed the orders .
they were not allowed to performs religion sacrifies.
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Rajas were the leaders but does not have their own kingdom ,area ,cities ,palaces ,or armies,nor did they collect taxes,while dasa or dasi were called SLAVES and  used as rajas or their families own property. 
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Rajas are highest people by caste in the community and were respected. They were not like the janapadas or the mahajanapadas. Dasas or dasis were the lowest people by caste in the community. They were treated as property. They were won in the war and had to do whatever their master said.
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