in what ways the production of cars by ford motors in india will lead to interlinking of production?

(pg-59 let us work these out)

 The ford motors is manufacturing cars in India for sale in India and other countries, since it is consuming the products such as motor engine, electricity and other products needed for manufacturing the car from India and furtheron resaling those goods as final production of car, thereby creating a interlink between the productions.

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By setting up partnerships with local companies,by using the local companies for supplies,by closely competeing with local companies or buying them up ford motors in india leads to interlinking in production.

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The company is making engines and body at its plant. It is procuring other components from various suppliers which operate in India. Even designing of some of the new models has been done in India. So, India is providing a perfect base for all the operations related to production of cars for the Ford Motor. Hence, it can be said that proper interlinking of production is happening in India for this company.
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Look at this

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1)  Ford Motors is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers with production spread over 26 countries of the world

2)  Ford was started in collaboration with Mahindra and Mahindra, and by the year 2004, Ford Motors was selling 27,000 cars in Indian markets while 24,000 cars were exported from India to South Africa, Mexico, and Brazil.

3)  This production will make India as a supplying base for its plants across the globe. 

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