Incorrect                         Correct
My father becomes chief secretary of Tamil Nadu           (a) ______________           _______________
on 1962, soon after, he told my cousin and me.               (b) ______________           _______________
Whenever we accompanied him to any functions             (c) ______________          _______________
We were to sit on the car on either side of him.                (d) ______________          _______________
and gave him a nudge if we saw a policeman                   (e) ______________          _______________
salute him which he was preoccupi studying                    (f) ______________          ________________
his notes. He said so that he was concerned                     (g) ______________           ________________
of the policeman standing in the hot sun.                          (h) ______________          ________________

Please check the question, as there seems to be many typing mistakes.

a) becomes - became
b) on - in
c) functions - function
d) on - in (the car)
e) gave - give
f) which - while; preoccupi - preoccupied
g) that - because
h) of - about

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