Indian culture has traditionally sustain a joint family system in which the old have always had a very respectable place. There has been an erosion of these values in the present times. Write an article in 150 - 200 words on the need for the young to take care of the old instead of sending them to the old age homes.

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The traditional joint family system is unfamiliar to the present generation. However, the name holds many cherished memories in the minds of those that belong to the older generation. 

Advantages of Joint Family
  • As a result of living together, there is a sense of togetherness and love. The children learn to share and care for those around them.
  • There is respect and love given to grandparents, and the grandchildren enjoy abundance of love from the elders.
  • Adults also take time to punish and discipline the children.
  • Selfishness and self-centered behaviour is unheard of.
  •   The elders in the family are taken care of well.

Disadvantages of Nuclear Family
  • As the pampering increase, children become selfish and cannot beyond the boundary of their family.
  • Family bonds and relationships have lost its meaning.
  • Values are no longer imbibed or taught to the younger generation.
  • Family has shrunk to a smaller unit and this has affected the value system of the society.
  • The celebrations and joy of living together has died out.
  • The older the parents become, the sooner they are sent to the old age homes.
  • There is no space in their heart and homes to accommodate the old and weak parents.
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