​insecurities and anxiety of young girls

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The feeling of insecurity among teenagers is a very common thing. However, this becomes even more when it comes to young girls. They are insecure and anxious with regards to their physical being as well as their emotional strength. In India, girls are always considered inferior to boys. This is a major cause of their feeling insecure and anxious. They do not have the confidence to move in life. They feel scared and dependent on others. Many times they become insecure because of the way they look. It is very important for all of us to treat them equal and help them come out of their insecurities and anxiety. 

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During teenage years insecurities are omnipresent and rife; in truth, overcoming self-doubts is a major part of growing up and maturing into adults. While insecurities do affect every teenager, they manifest themselves differently and with varying intensity, depending on a person?s strength of character and?environment. Teenage years are challenging in many ways. It is the time of great changes in life, and with the changes come pressure, worrying, uncertainty, and?fear. Under such circumstances, sometimes a seemingly small incident can escalate into a major anxiety, which may engender a potentially self-destructive coping mechanism.

Teens face pressure from a multitude of sources: self-inflicted, peer, parental, and societal pressure compounded by the hormonal changes, continuously cut the ground from under their feet and feed into their insecurities.Adolesence is the time when yesterday?s children start making their own decisions, search for the ways to express themselves, and benchmark their worth against one another. A previously solid bond between a parent and a child tends to weaken during this time and the relationship resembles a roller-coaster ride more than anything else. Facing challenges with a compromised support system, or without having someone to rely on, is a daunting task indeed.

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