Is crude oil essential for the developement process in a country? India has to import crude oil.what problems do you anticipate for the country looking at the above situation?

Yes, crude oil is essential for the development process in a country  but   it doesnot  mean that we finish the crude oil in one gulp . We should try for sustainable use of these resources  and see to it that they will be there for the use of our future generations.
                         Looking at the present rate of use of crude oil and the way people are misusing these resources,I think the country is in real danger and if now steps to promote sustainable development won't be taken  then the country might limb down from the development leader.

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yes it is very helpful in develpmnt bcoz most of petroleum nd flammable gases are extract from crude oil and petroleum products are comes in basic is dark oil consisting mainly of hydro carbons nd hydro carbons have lot of energy.crude oil is necessary as without it no automobile,industries etc is the most important raw material of the industrialised can generate heat,drive machinery and fuel vehicles and airplanes.

every year 18 million tonnes of crude oil are processed into synthethic materials.oil within our materials: 40% of all textiles contain oil; for functional clothing this may be as much as 100%.. The world consumes almost 14% billion liters of oil each day. This affect us all.

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why is ground water overused and what are its effects
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It would be hard to imagine an economy developing without oil and natural gas, because it is the basis of every industrialized economy on Earth right now. 

Crude oil provides 97% of the energy for transportation (cars, trains, airplanes) in the world. In the US, oil and gas make about 20% of the electricity. In addition to that, think of all the things we make from oil: 

- plastics: just look at all the things made of plastic in front of you right now! 

- lubrication oils 

- petrochemicals for fertilizer, paint, preservatives, pharmaceuticals, cleaning chemicals, etc 

-fabric: most synthetic fabrics are based on petrochemicals 

So, try to imagine a country without all of these things. This would place you back in time more than 100 years in terms of technology.
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If it is an industrial based country, then it is necessary. 

Crude oil is the basis of all petroleum products. From that we can extract all petroleum products by fractional distillation. It serves the major role in economy of a country. If we purchase petroleum products from other countries, then it will be much costlier than purchasing crude oil and processing. Also, we can use them based on our needs.*
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Self-sufficiency in energy production starts with the use of fossil fuels.
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I would like to reply to 'smart'. Self sufficiency in energy production does not necessarily start with fossil fuels. There are so many other energy sources which can be used alternatively... Search the web man! :P
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hey  nuvu asesavu  smart
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