is it good to have political competition if not so tell the reason and give the advantage and disadvantage of political come petition

In India we have a multi-party democracy where a large number of respective individuals having same ideas and methodology decide to be a part of same organisation. Each and every organisation has their own way of working and reaching to the common people.  The common man decides their own representatives on the bases of their issues. This is a tedious task as well as confusing also for people to decide which is the best option for them is. This results in a vigorous competition between the political parties to gain vote bank and this political competition has many advantages and disadvantages as follows.  

ADVANTAGES of Political Competition 1. It keeps a check on the ruling party.  2. People disagreeing with government functioning can recourse their ideas through  law and other political parties. 3. Lack of individual intellectualism results in the debate between the various members of same party and helps in making better plans for government to work i.e. betterment of teamwork.  4. Corruption check is also helped by political competition. 5. Improvement in working models and keeping a track of positive and negative impacts of governing. It means competition can create an environment of self-improvement which in turn can lead to the better quality work and goal setting by the ruling party to win the race.     

DISADVANTAGES -However always this political competition cannot be always positive: 1. It can create unhealthy competition between the workers of same party or of different parties which can create political unrest. 2. The internal work conditions can be spoiled when it comes to do’s and don’ts’s and work environment is spoiled. 3. When one party wins, the others feel disgusted. disgusted and generate hatred among themselves which in turn have bad impact on people also. 4. Undue stress conditions are created because of the tension of the party members having a bad impact on party as well as people. 5. Do or die situation can result in more fierce competition leading to hatred, riots, crimes and even subjugation.    

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