Is the principal focus of a mirror the midpoint of its radius of curvature?

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The focal length is given as.


R is the radius of curvature.

So the principal focus of a mirror lies at the midpoint of it's radius of curvature.


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Plzz any one send me this passage meaning in english as soon as possible

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Yes!! As we know that f=R/2. Regards.😊
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The vertex is the geometric center of the mirror. Midway between the vertex and the center of curvature is a point known as the focal point; the focal point is denoted by the letter F in the diagram below. The distance from the vertex to the center of curvature is known as the radius of curvature (represented by R).
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Niyathi, maybe you are mistaken... Please try asking your question in the ask and answer corner... (I tried translating but wasn't getting it that well... )
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