IV) Pick the odd - one - out from each of the groups given below on the basis of respiratory organs. Give reason for your answer.

  1. cockroach, grasshopper, snail, ant

  1. lizard, cow, earthworm, snake

  1. crocodile, whale, dolphin, fish

  1. snake, tadpole, crow, goat

The correct option is (1)
Cockroach - breathes through spiracles.
Grasshopper  - breathes through spiracles.
Ants - breathes through spiracles.
while, Snail - breathes through skin.

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I guess so...
1.ant. As it doesn't have a tracheal system
2.cow. As cow only breathe through lungs.
3.crocodile. As it doesn't breathe through gills
4.snake. As it breathe through skin.
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1  Snail :As it breathes through its moist skin
2  Cow: As it can eat again and again as a cud
3  Crocodile:As we can see it both in land and in water
4  Crow: As it can only fly among those 

I am sure about this

Hope it helped !!
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