Iwant any 10 organism and their respiratory organ

The 10 different organisms and their respiratory organs are listed below:

S.NO.OrganismsRespiratory organs
1Earth worm Skin
3Cockroach, spiderBook lungs- a primitive type of lungs
4CrabsBranchiostegal lung
5Labyrinth fishLabyrinth organ
6Insects or arthropodsInvertebrate trachea  and spiracles
8Human beingsLungs
9 BirdsLungs
10 FrogGills at larval stage and lungs in the adult.

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  Organism  Respiratory Organs

(i) some aquatic and small terrestrial animals  -skin

(ii)many aquatic animals, like fish  -gills

(iii)Some spiders, scorpions, and other arthropods -book lungs

(iv)some crabs, coconut crabs -Branchiostegal lung

(v)labyrinth fish  -Labyrinth organ

(vi)Invertebrate trachea  -cockroaches

(vii)plants -stomata

(viii)Earthworm  -skin

(ix)Bird -lungs

(x)Snakes -Externally, nostrils.
  Internally, Lungs.

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