Join the sentences with conjunction:
  • The principal will punish him.He will expel him.
  • Rita will go to play.First,she must finish her homework(before).
  • He was fined.He was sent to prison.(not only.....but also)
  • The police arrived.The thief had fled by then.(after).
  • A month has passed _he called on me.
  • Make haste_the sun shines.
  • It looks_if it would rain.
  • He will never win_hard he may try.
  • Global temperature is increasing.We are polluting our atmosphere.


Dear student,

Please find below the solution to the asked query:
  1. The principle will punish and expel him.
  2. Rita will go to play but before that she must finish her homework.
  3. Not only was he fined but also sent to the prison.
  4. The police arrived after the thief had fled.
  5. A month has passed since he called on me.
  6. Make haste before the sun shines or Make hay while the sun shines.
  7. It looks as if it would rain.
  8. He would never win however hard he may try.
  9. Global temperature is increasing because we are polluting our atmosphere.

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