kindly make the explanation of limiting reagent more clear.

Limiting reagent is the reacting species which is totally consumed when the reaction is completed. The amount of product formed depends on limiting reagent as the reaction would cease once the limiting reagent is completely used up. For example, let us suppose that in the reaction 2H2+ O2> 2H2O , Hydrogen is the limiting reagent so, when the given amount of hydrogen in the reaction is completely consumed the formation of H2O would cease as no more H2will be available to combine with O2.

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limiting reagent in a reaction is d compound or element which is used up faster.

since d compound or element gets over faster the reaction cannot be further conitnued hence it is know as limiting reagent.


the precise defination can be given as

the reagent which gets consumed faster in a chemical reaction is known as limtiing reagent.

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