Kindly make the sentences for faintest motion, crystal air, greediest eye, finely tapring and jaunty streams

 The thief ran away making the faintest motion.

Raju had the greediest eye on the dessert.

The Burj-Al-Arab is finely tapering.

sorry i don't have any idea about others

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Jaunty stream
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which grade first a fall
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Here are some sentances to help you out

a) Faintest motion : The thief ran away making the faintest motion.

b) crystal air : I stepped through the door and experienced the crystal air.

c) greediest eye : The greediest eye thought to stole the lady's bag.

d) finally tapering : High at the church and finally tapering the height.

e) jaunty streams : yesterday, I visited the garden which had jaunty streams.

Hope this helps you. Good luck
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