Lactational amenorrhea is a method of contraceptive justify. What is the maximum effectiveness method in terms of period/duration

Ovulation is mostly absent in lactating mothers and hence females do not conceive during that period. It is not a very much reliable method of contraception as in some female ovulation may occur.
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Lactational amenorrhea(absence of menstruation)method is based on the fact that ovulation and therefore the cycle does not occur during the period of intense lactation following parturition.Therefore,as long as the mother breastfeeds the child fully,chances of conception are almost nil.However this method has been reported to be effective only to a maximum period of 6 months following parturition.As no medicines and devices are used in this method,side effects are almost nil.Chances of failure,though of this method are also high.
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In this period the lady providing breast feed to her baby ,their is no menstrual cycle. Hence contact during this period will not be fertile.(the stoppage of menstrual cycle due to lactational amenorhea is for 6 months normally, but mothers can do breast feeding for more than 6 months,but after 6 months the menstrual cycle will start again).
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