'Landforms are a result of two processes'
Name the processes and explain.

  • Landforms are defined as the natural physical features found on the surface of the earth created as a result of various processes as some of the Processes of Landform Shaping are internal and others are external processes:
  • Internal Process- The earth beneath our feet is made of three layers core, mantle and crust. The crust and upper mantle are known as the lithosphere. this lithosphere is not a single piece of a layer. It is broken into a number of plates known as tectonic plates these plates keep moving and constantly change. Any major changes in the tectonics plate cause lifting or sinking down of lithosphere
  • External Process- The change in the shape of mountains, plateaus, and plains happens due to external factors like rain and wind. These are also the external processes. Moreover, erosion of soil and deposition are also natural processes changing the surface of the earth. Many different landforms of the earth happen due to erosion. In clear words, erosion is the natural process in which sediments drop in different areas of the earth. These sediments are soil and rocks. There are two external processes having a major impact on the landforms of the earth:
  • Erosion: This natural process happens due to the wear of the earth's surface caused by the moving water. This leads to a reduction in elevation and landform reliefs. Weathering and erosion are also part of this denudation
  • Deposition: It is a geological process having sediments, soil, and rocks added to the landform. The deposition is usually caused due to water, ice, and living organisms. The deposition of organic matter also affects the landforms.

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