Letter to municipal commissioner asking for a public park in your area


Here is a sample for your reference:


Examination Hall



8 October 2012


The Commissioner,

Municipal Corporation of Delhi

New Delhi




Subject: Request for a public park in the locality



On behalf of the people of our society of UR Block, I wish to draw your attention to the need of a public park. It would be a huge solution to problems of various kinds. It would bring relief to people of all age groups ranging from children to elder ones.


Every person here is enclosed within four walls of his house. Every child needs a place to play, elders need a place to find peace and healthy walks. Everybody is so busy in the city life that nobody finds time to relax. Riding bicycle in the park would keep people hale, hearty and healthy. Afterall people need clean air to breathe.


Considering the problems faced by us on regular basis, I request you to make the necessary arrangements for promoting this idea. Your efforts would be much appreciated.


Thanking you in anticipation for your kind cooperation.

Yours truly,


Vinay Aggarwal

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