Limitations of e-business

E- business is not that crystal clear. Doing it via electronic mode suufers serious limiations. Following are some common limitations of e- business :-

1) Low personal touch :- However its quite smart mode of business. It lacks personal attraction / interaction. A person can't be friendly in to the requirement of garments and other persona toiletries.

2) Time lag between order and delivery :- Its true that the info flows at a click of a mouse, but the physical delivery of the poducts take time. A very common example is the website crash and the corollary sites taking a long time to open.

3) Need of technology :- Technology is a must for e business i.e. we can say that its no cheap mode as there is a necessity for a computer making it real hard for a wage earner or the people having lesser income generating capacity.

4) People resistence :-Being familiar and adjusted to technology and new way of doing things causes stress and a sense of security. This is a prime reason for low density of people entering this way.

Hope it helps!!!

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