list any four methods of contraception used by humans. how does their use have a direct effect on the health and prosperity of the family?

 The various methods employed for birth control are called contraceptive methods.
  • Natural methods (involving behavioural strategy) such as coitus interruptus, lactational amenorrhea , and periodic abstinence
  • Other method include barrier methods, intrauterine devices (IUDs), oral contraceptives and sterilisation method
Use of these contraceptive devices helps in preventing unwanted pregnancies. They can prevent the chances of frequent pregnancies which otherwise affect the health of a mother. They help in family planning by controlling the number of children in a family. So, that  proper  care is provided to the children and that also reduces the chances of poverty.Use of contraceptive devices also reduces the chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases such As AIDS. In this way, the birth control methods play  important roles in  the health and prosperity of the family. 

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