list four things that force can do

1.Force change the motion of a body:- force change the motion of body that are already in motion and produce motion in a stationary body. Example a car moving on a road suddenly hit behind by a truck, you will notice the tendency of the car motion increase. the force applied by the truck affect the motion of the car. A stationary body hit behind by a moving body, the position of the stationary body changes. 

2.Force change the direction of both stationary body and body in motion:- Newton's second law state that the rate of change of momentum of a body is directly proportional to the applied force and take place in the direction in which the force acts. 

3.Frictional force:- is a force that oppose the motion of one body over the other. 
Effect of frictional force: 
a.It leads to wasting of energy, when two surrounding forces move over each other, heat is generated as a result of friction. the energy required to turn the machine, will be converted heat energy which reduces the energy output. 
b.It leads to wearing away of the surfaces in contact. 

4.Gravitational force field:- Gravitational force field causes a body thrown up to fall back on the ground.
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1)Force can change the direction of an object
2)Force can move an object

3)Force can change the shape of an object
4)Force can stop an moving object
Hope this clear your doubt
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move an object 

stop a moving object 

change the direction change the shape 

increase the speed

change the direction

change the way
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change shape, start moving,star moving and changing position or direction.
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it can start and stop a moving object
it can change path and speed of moving object
it can change shape and size of an object.
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Move a body.
stop a moving .
change the direction of a body.
change the shape of a body.
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It can move a object. It can stop a moving object. It can change shape of object. If there was no friction we could not walk.

This is what friction actually does....
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a force can do many things like-
kick a football
it can  change the direction
it can move anything
it can  stop anything
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Stretching a rubber ,ball falling on ground ,sliding windows ,lifting books
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Move,stop,push and pull
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A man pushing a door Yan lang po alam ko eh.....
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