List of asexual spores of fungi????

Dear student, Three types of spores which carry out asexual reproduction in fungi are: 1. Sporangiospores: These are formed under unfavorable conditions. The tip of each sporangiophore develops a swollen sac called sporangium. A sporangium gives rise to non motile haploid spores called sporangiospores.After falling on a suitable substratum each sporangiospore germinates into a new mycelium. 2. Chlamyspores: These re thick walled spores which are formed in dry conditions. Each chlamydospore gives rise to a new mycelium on return of favorabe conditions. 3. Oidia: These are formed in sugar rich and acidic medium. Oidia multiply by budding. Each oidia forms a new mycelium when transferred to solid substratum. Thanks and regards

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