Lls solve all these que

Lls solve all these que 4. 5. 6, 7. discharge get KO m'. 60. 20 2 "f 10 cotnbuuion. 'he product' .n ratio. -Ibe weigh' in 'he mixture (d) 182 g (c) 1.36g Zinc can be determined by the precipitation reaction A tam. ple of *inc weighting g wag prepared for this re- action and required 23 Of M for titration. % of zinc in the orc is S g of a sample Of NaaCO•, and Na2SO, it dissolved in 20 mL of 0.2 M FLSO„ II": % sample is (a) 84.8% (h) 8.48% (d) 424% ne reaction SO, •z + Cl- is to be car- vied out in basic mediurrn Starting with O. J mole or Cla 0_01 mole of Sz01-2 and (b3 mole of OH- how many moles of OH- will be left in solution after the reaction is 14. 15, complete? (a) 0.1 (c) 0.2 (d) 0.25 3618% (c) 3333% Volume Of t} 2.24 L MnOz react Certain vo' volum (a) 100m (c) 200 (c) 8.7 g Passage IS g of b bolution. The loss in weight when I O.S g of MgCO, is heated in an open crucible is (b) 5.5g (a) 4.4 g (d) 8.9 g (c) 2.2 g g of green algæ absorbs 104 moles of C02 hour by as per the following reaction + snH20 + 6n02. If all the carbon in C02 is converted into starch. how long will it take for tlr algae to increase its mass by 100% (b) 6.34 min (a) 6.34 hr (d) 3.33 hr (c) 63.4 min 8. 9. 20 g of impure on heating produces a gas. ne gas is dissolved in H20 and on titration con- sumes 10 cc 2 M pyrophosphoric acid for complete reaction. The percentage purity of Mg(NH4) P04 is (Mg= 24, p = 31) (b) 33.8% (a) 54.8% (c) 67.6% When one gram mol of KMn04 reacts with HCI, the volume of chlorine liberated at NTP will bc (a) 11.2 lit (b) 22.4 lit (c) 44.8 lit (d) 56 lit A mixture of carbonates of two bivalent metals contains 13.6% of one metal. If 2.5 g of the mixture liberates 1.33 g of C02. The % by weight of the other metal 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 0 0425 m, The perce The volu above re: (C) 0.12 "Itie volu (C) 482 Specific 6.02 10 Percenl anhydr molar (c) 25 (a) 13.6 (c) 13.84 (b) 126 (d) 12.84

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