Lovina Kansal ma'am (Meritnation Expert), Ma'am you provided the solution to the below question of mine, but as per the question ... the solution was not at all matching with the conditions of the question. You may try to match your solution that you provided to my question before 15 minutes with the below question.
So, please be specific while giving the solution.  Now, please answer and provide the solution correctly. 

Please solve the below question as soon as possible ..  Please Don't say that it is not of our syllabus  ... I know that experts can solve this using simple understanding language too:

Q) While writing the amount in the Bank Cheque for withdrawal, Ryan by mistake wrote the last two digits in place of the first two digits and first two digits in place of last two digits. While he was coming back from the bank after withdrawing, he bought a 5 rupees packet with those withdrawn money. Then .. after that, He saw and realised that "the withdrawal money that was left after buying the packet"     """ is double of  the actual money  or formal money that he should write  in the cheque""". . Now question is that, how much money did he withdraw?

{Remember: The number of digit in the amount/money is not mentioned yet, so it can be of 4 digits or more than that also} ​  ​

Dear student
Please provide the complete actual image of the question and also the final answer of the question because according to me the answer provided by me previously is right.


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