Maddie had a sick feeling after hearing miss.mason .why

After listening to the note from Wanda’s father, Maddie had a very sick and guilty feeling in the bottom of her stomach. She could not concentrate when she tried to prepare her lessons. She had not enjoyed listening to Peggy , ask Wanda "how many dresses she had in her closet".
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What does meant by having a sick feeling in the bottom of the stomach is that refers that Maddie was sick or anything else.?
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Maddie had a sick feeling because she thought eventhough she know that what Peggy was doing wrong she didn't say her to stop it but just stand aside her . She also thought ,because of this teasing wanda left the school. And now she is feeling to ask sorry to wanda but couldn't. These are the reasons for the sick feeling of Maddie from the bottom of her stomach
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