make a list of all months of hindi...b fast........

all d months in hindi?

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 yeah all...

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chaitra , baisakh , jaith, asar , sawan , bhado , asin , kartik , agahan, pusp , phagun

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hi heloo...wel..hereee is the ans to ur ques..

the months are called slightly differently in different languages, i knw about the one from my region :
this is Vikram Samvat in Bhojpuri (generally all of Bihar and UP follows this) :
jeth (jestha) ,
bhaado (bhadra),
aasin (aashwin),
kaatik (kartik),
ag-han (agrahan)
poos (poush)
magh (margha)
faagun (falgun)
chaeet (chaitra)
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