Mention any two receptors present in our Forebrain and their functions Define receptor and state their location in our body

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Receptors are specialised protein molecules in the cell membrane or on the surface of the cell. The receive and transmit different signals(stimuli) to the brain for interpretation and response.

The various receptors are:-
- Phonoreceptor:- Ear
- Photoreceptor:- Eye
- Olfactoryreceptor:- Nose
- Thermoreceptor:- Skin
- Gustatoryreceptor:- Tongue

The receptors present in our forebrain are:-
Olfactory receptor - It helps in sensation of smell.
Phonoreceptor - It helps in sensation of sound and vibration.


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Answer: Ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin are receptors. Explanation: Receptors are sense organs which are very sensitive and can respond to stimuli. Ears are sensitive to sound. Eyes are sensitive to light. Nose and tongue are sensitive to chemicals for taste and smell. Skin is sensitive to to touch, pressure, pain and temperature change.
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