Mention the function of saliva, pancreas .

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The functions of saliva are:
1)It help in lubrication and binding of food.It contains mucus in it which helps in the binding or covering the masticated food by teeth into a bolus.This bolus is slippery in nature and moves easily through the oesophagus.
2)The saliva helps in covering or coating the buccal cavity to prevent the friction inside mouth by solid large food particles.
3)It helps in dissolving the dry particles of food so that the food particles can be easily dissolved by taste buds.
4)It contains an lysozyme enzyme which helps in killing the bacteria present in food.
It contains an enzyme salivary amylase which breakdown starch into maltose.
The function of pancreas are:
1)The pancreas contains enzymes in its exocrine part which helps in digestion proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids.
2)It is an alkaline or basic fluid which help in neutralisation of acidic food coming from stomach.
3)The endocrine part release hormones like insulin or glucagon which regulate the blood sugar levels.

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