Mention the location and the functions of the following:

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  • Location- Spleen is a part of the lymphatic system located on the left side of the abdomen, above the stomach in most of the vertebrates.
  • Functions-
    • It helps to remove the old and defective blood cells and act as the blood bank by holding the reserve of blood in case of hemorrhage as well.
    • The spleen also contains lymphocytes and helps the body fight infection.
  • Location-
    • Stomata are small openings present in various places on the surface of leaves.
    • Stomata are present on the surface epidermis of the leaves which is made up of epidermal cells.
    • Green stems also have stomata but lesser in number than in leaves.
  • Functions-
    • It helps in the gaseous exchange of air.
    • It also facilitates the process of transpiration. This phenomenon occurs along with the exchange of gases through these pores. As the gases get out through these pores they carry along with them water vapors.
    • As it facilitates the process of transpiration it also facilitates the process of nutrients in the plant along with water.
    • It also facilitates the process of respiration and photosynthesis in plants.

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